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Train your
"Peak Performance"
the quality of your life depends on it!
Lacking physical activity, city dwellers and sedentary professionals suffer physically and psychologically, which in turn contributes to their physical and mental illness, fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Most importantly, they lose their abilities on which they depend so much to earn their living: concentration of attention, clear mind, creativity, and pliability to deal with everyday life.

A professional athlete trains his/her skills to deal with physical strain, intellect for quick decision making to deal with surprises, and the ability to stay emotionally calm to see opportunities and make a better choice to win personally, to win as a team, and overcome obstacles.
Choose the wellbeing method that supports your professional peak performance from start to end

Practice HORA — Sustaining the power of concentration
Life in business and family are like marathons
Many of us relinquish "peak performance" to professional athletes, however, our life in business and family are like marathons. It does not matter if you are a data scientist, IT professional, accountant, attorney, doctor, marketing executive and etc.

You must train the skills and abilities on which you depend so much to earn your living: concentration of attention, a clear mind, resurging creativity, and pliability to deal with everyday life pressures, stress, and surprises.

The "citadel" of intelligence — its height, strength and other characteristics depend on the quality of attention. The higher the quality of attention, the higher the efficiency.
— Master HORA, founder of Practice HORA Method and Teaching, 2018
Simple, Yet Poverfully Impactful
Why choose Practice HORA Basic Principles Program as a holistic method for wellbeing?
Immediate Gain To Productivity
The ability to be focused & concentrated on the tasks: with low burnout rate with increased potential of clarity of mind ― quick decision making: without mental fog, mental brain freeze.

Some may start referring to you as "inexhaustible."

Enhanced Quality of Life
The ability to live actively and with zest at any age, intellectually, emotionally and physically, while cultivating an unyielding inner core, strength: vitality with charisma to start, do, finish and overcome.

Some refer to this as having your own inner fountain of youth.
Learning New Method for Human Development
HORA training is based on the context of the conscious evolutionary development of humankind. Evolutionary changes happen constantly to your DNA, cells, psychological state, and instinct.
Different and More Effective Breathing
The Basic Principles of Practice HORA on the instinctual level — forces the cultivation and ingraining of the gravitational type of breathing.
Stronger Natural Health
Low impact exercises are designed under the principle that the entire body activates in whole. Where training of mental, physical, and emotional grit, radiance and calmness starts from within and is not based on Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, or Aerobics.
Money Back Guarantee
Introductory trial class is complimentary.
Result based pricing without contracts, or upfront fees.

If classes do not match your expectation we refund the unused balance, no questions asked.
With Practice HORA Basic Principles Program you will be on the way to regain and improve your wellness beyond what is offered within other methods.
HORA low-intensity psycho-physical exercises will engage your muscles, posture, and attention.

During our classes you will be training how to assemble, collect your body to stay and retain calmness and transfer this skill into your physical, intellectual or emotional charged engagements in business, relationships, and family life.

Practice HORA Basic Principles Program is more than a path to work-life balance and a better looks. — It is a path of training, monitoring, and consciously controlling the balance between inner and outer attention, with open eyes in a real situation, in other words, physical, emotional balance during the action. (Calmness in Action)

Posture before and after Practice HORA Introductory Class
This is trainable!
Our clients love us
Data Science & Market Development
Practicing HORA makes my body feel lighter, head clear, and psyche more flexible. It is a training of calmness. The Practice allows me to be more confident, efficient and productive. Love it!
Self-employed marketing consultant
This program is truly unique because it is immersive, combining physical training/movement with insights and instruction. It is highly personal and motivates you to engage your own internal drive.

Drawing on history, science, culture and more it provides a perspective that has changed the way I look at my own life and the future I envision for myself. Learning and growing with like-minded people is fun and rewarding.
Executive Director, Women's Exchange
I am grateful for this Practice, three years now... to experience the continued gift of inner calmness, focus and attention for mind, body and nervous system. Nothing has compared to the results of my commitment to this practice.
Experiment. Test it on yourself. Decide.
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My Class Schedule
I lead these Practice HORA training programs
Practice HORA Basic Principle & Youth Program Pricing
@ Wilmette, IL Location (regular training pricing)
4 - Classes trial - Basic Principle Classes
Adults Age 30+: $180
Single Parent: $145
Youth Age Under 29: $140

Monthly - Basic Principle Classes
Adults Age 30+: $360 per months - includes up to 12 classes

Single Parent: $290 per months - includes up to 12 classes

Youth Age Under 29: $280 per months - includes up to 12 classes or $35 per class
Monthly - Youth Program Classes - Under 25
$280 per months - includes up to 12 classes
Or $35 per class
Yevgeny Frolov
Practice HORA Leader, since 2017. Leader-in-training: 2013-2017. Started training in 2005.
I train individuals who are seeking to be independent physically, emotionally, and intellectually from irritation, burnout, and exhaustion.
Yevgeny Frolov
Practice HORA Leader, since 2017. Leader-in-training: 2013-2017. Started training in 2005.
I train individuals who are seeking to be independent physically, emotionally, and intellectually from irritation, burnout, and exhaustion.
Yevgeny Frolov is a Practice HORA youth leader because he is young in the heart, with the mind of youth and ongoing 20 year plus professional experience in corporate America. This experience includes big data analytics and winning half a dozen hackathon competitions. He has an MBA from Wake Forest University and a B.S. in Economics with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Houston.

Yevgeny is also an avid reader of Science-Fiction and Science books and has been a resident of the Northfield/Wilmette area since 2014.

Current board member of Winnetka Youth Organization.
Why I chose to train in Practice HORA
I chose to train Practice HORA — because it allowed me to return and then increase my physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities to stay and compete in a hyper-demanding career in IT and Analytics (Big Data, Decision Science and Innovation). Without Practice HORA my career and living capabilities would have been capped a long time ago.

I owe my life, its quality, its richness, and personal and social success to Practice HORA because by the time of late 20's my body was no longer able to handle the overpowering stress, pressure, and rigid demands and was showing rapid deterioration. Only with Practice HORA, I was able to beat exhaustion, irritation, and burnout that was holding and slowly killing me and my future.
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3520 Lake Ave Unit 101, Wilmette, IL 60091
E-mail: y.e.frolov@horausa.com
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Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives — choice, not chance, determines your destiny.
— Aristotle
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